Amanda Jayne´s Nail Salon - Westbury, Wiltshire

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Amanda Jayne's - 21 years in the business

Since 2000, I have been creating nail enhancements for ladies from all over the world. Many of my clients live in the local area, though one lady who lives in Thailand for half of the year, always comes to have her nails done whilst she is in the UK. She has been a client of Amanda Jayne´s since I first began.

I pride myself in being very aware of what my customers expect of me. I take great care in the preparation stage, which I believe is key to the length of time that the nail enhancement lasts, and most of my clients return for a re-balance every four to five weeks.

Here are a few of the comments that my clients have made about Amanda Jayne´s.

Telephone: 07941 618044